Wave Physical Therapy

Wave Physical Therapy helps patients rehabilitate from pain by understanding each patient’s unique pain story. Through therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular rehabilitation, movement science, and manual therapy, patients can reconnect mind and body and address the biomechanical source of pain. By restoring biomechanical deficits, whether it’s mobility deficits, strength deficits, neuromuscular tension, or coordination deficits, patients can reduce the stress placed on the body and reduce or alleviate symptoms of arthritis, DJD, acute pain, and chronic pain. Whether you are in the acute stage of pain or in late stages of chronification, physical therapy can help rehabilitate patients to reduce pain, prevent further injury, and most importantly, return to function.

Our Team

Dr. Jeremy Lee

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Tel: 760-552-4230

Jeremy Lee received his doctorate training in Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, CA. His clinical focus is in the treatment of various orthopedic and chronic pain conditions through a multidisciplinary approach incorporating movement science and neuromuscular rehabilitation with traditional strength and mobility treatments.